A Starwell

The Starwell is a small generated structure that appears on the surface of the Overworld. They are fairly common, and can be found in virtually every biome. The Starwell is used primarily for conducting rituals with the help of the Ritual Locus. It is composed of 13 Starwell Frames and one active Starwell Core, forming a "bowl" with space for one block inside.

Removing any part of a Starwell will cause the Starwell Core to become inactive, which is currently irreversible. As a result, it is not possible to move Starwells at this time, and the only way to obtain an active Core and create new Starwells is through creative mode.

Finding Edit

Though Starwells sit exposed on the surface, their low profile and muted color makes them somewhat difficult to spot, especially if surrounded by foliage. They can be located easily if some method of flight is available, but barring that, the easiest way to find Starwells is to search at night. When the sun sets, Starwells will begin to emit a beam of light into the sky, gradually growing stronger until midnight, then fading until sunrise. The intensity of the beam corresponds to the phase of the moon - it is missing entirely during a new moon, and grows more vivid as more of the moon lights up. The beam is massively more powerful during a full moon, stretching dozens of blocks into the air, so a full moon is the best time to search.

Uses Edit

The Starwell responds to certain blocks being placed inside it:

Ritual Locus Edit

With a Ritual Locus installed, the Starwell becomes the centerpiece of a Ritual, indicated by eight glowing nodes appearing in a circle around the Starwell. The circles will not appear if one of them is obstructed, so clearing foliage or terrain away may be necessary. A Ritual Locus can be further augmented by placing a Phoenix Altar on top of it. See Ritual for more information.

Sky Lens Edit

Installing a Sky Lens causes the Starwell to emit a bright blue beam and function as an elevator of sorts. If the player is directly above the Starwell and is not touching the ground, they will be able to move freely up or down by looking up or down. The player is protected by fall damage while above the Starwell, and can lift themselves 29 blocks above the Starwell. This distance can be increased to 66 blocks by placing a Starstone on top of the Lens, or to 92 blocks with an Infused Starstone.

Starstone Edit

Installing a Starstone causes the Starwell's nighttime beam to be at full strength, as though the moon were always full, every night. This is only useful for decoration.

Infused Starstone Edit

Installing an Infused Starstone causes the Starwell to emit a full-strength beam at all times, even during the day. This is, again, only useful for decoration.