Azurite ore vein

A vein of Azurite Ore in an Extreme Hills biome

Azurite Ore Edit

Azurite Ore is a resource found in high places. It drops Azurite Dust when mined with an iron pickaxe or better.

Obtaining Edit

Azurite Ore generates in veins of 4-12 blocks at elevations of 96 and above. Extreme Hills (and its variants) and Savanna M are the best biomes to find it in. Unlike other ores, Azurite Ore will generate only in stone that is exposed to air, and will never be found hidden beneath the surface (though it may be hidden under snow).

Usage Edit

Azurite Ore drops one piece of Azurite Dust when mined. Unusually, this cannot be increased with the Fortune enchantment. The block itself can be obtained using a pickaxe with the Silk Touch enchantment. Also unusually, this block cannot be smelted in a Furnace to obtain the dust. If one instead uses Dimensional Catalyst on the ore block, it will convert it to plain stone and extract three Azurite Dots from it (which can each be crafted into dust), a much more efficient use of the ore.

Materials Edit

Azurite Dust is acquired by harvesting Azurite Ore with a pickaxe, or by crafting an Azurite Dot. It is used to create Azure Feathers.

Azurite Dots are extracted from Azurite Ore blocks using a Dimensional Catalyst, or dropped occasionally from monsters if the player is wearing a Sky Luck Ring.

An Azurite Sphere is crafted out of nine Azurite Dots, and is most notably used for crafting a Sky Lens.

Trivia Edit

Azurite is a real mineral, a weathered form of copper.